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Expats Traveling To Ghana – Facts You Must Know



Expats moving to Ghana will find that financial issues in this West African destination are not too complicated, as one might initially expect. Banking in Ghana is actually very easy once expats have opened an account in Ghana, and tax laws are straightforward. Due to re-denomination in 2007, it is now among the highest valued currencies in Africa. The US Dollar is widely accepted in restaurants and stores, especially in cities, but smaller notes and travellers cheques are not always accepted. Foreign Exchange Bureaux are broadly located and generally offers a competitive exchange rate, but will give a lower rate on small denominations or not take them at all. Most Forex Bureaux do not require identification, however exchange desks at hotels usually require expats to present their passport. The rates are usually much better at the Forex Bureaux. There are many commercial banks located in the cities, as well as many international representatives with corresponding branches abroad. ATMs are commonplace in Ghana, and most International VISA cards are accepted at these machines. MasterCard and American Express are far less common, so expats planning to withdraw from an international account should make an effort to get a VISA card. Ghana is a mostly cash based society, and the incidence of credit card fraud makes it unwise to use cards also liberally. It’s fairly easy to bring money into Ghana, but strict maximums exist for taking money out of the country. Expats should be careful not to accumulate too many cedis, as they may have problems taking the money out of Ghana. All banks in Ghana do business in English, as this is the official language in the country.

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