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LPG Operators To Go On Nationwide Strike Next Week


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) operators in the Country have declared their intention to go on a nationwide indefinite strike starting from next week Monday to protest the introduction of the Cylinder Recirculation Module (CRM) that Government is looking to implement.

Breaking the news today was the President of the LPG operators, Torgbi Adaku V emphasized that “We are going for a strike, not demonstration”.

Government after the atomic gas explosion last year after investigations decided to implement the Cylinder Recirculation Module to help curb future explosions to avoid loss of life and property.

On the other hand, the LPG operators do not agree with the policy Government wants to implement because they do not believe it will solve the problem. Rather they have in the past argued that the CRM will only tantamount to some people who do not have lot of money not being able to afford Gas because that cost if it will go up when the policy is implemented.

Earlier this month, the LPG operators threatened Government not to try and implement the policy or they will advise themselves. In their defense, if government implement that policy, it will render some 7,000 persons unemployed.

Now it looks as if discussions with the Government did not go well and they are now certain of a strike action on Monday, 21st may 2018 to show their dissatisfaction.

President of the Ghana LPG association, Torgbi Adaku V Confirmed that until the implementation of the CRM is cancelled, they will stay on strike. He admits that consumers are going to suffer after taking such a decision that is why they have given them one week to buy before they go on their planned nationwide strike.

Torgbi Adaku adjoined that whenever they met Government and he asked questions, he will be told point blank that his question is overruled.

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