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#JumiaSuperHeroDeals: Heroes Never Die



‘’Heroes never die’’ right?

Over the years, many popular heroes and heroines have emerged. Some of them in real life and many others in the world of science and fiction. On a higher level of heroism comes superheroes, usually possessing supernatural or superhuman powers, who are dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains. The fulfilment of every superhero is to make people happy. Talk of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Thor, Flash and Wolverine. These characters combined will probably make the best army in history. Ever heard of Black Panther and his Wakanda kingdom? If not, then it’s very likely that you just returned from a long vacation in far away pluto. The Black Panther movie has been trending for many weeks now. It is a 2018 African-American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. All year round, Ghana’s leading online retail company rewards it’s customers with great deals. This month’s #JumiaSuperHeroDeals follows the epic Black Panther superhero theme.

In the world of online shopping, there are deals and there are special deals. As the name suggests, these deals are nothing like the everyday deals. They are exclusive deals that go as high as up to 80% off on all items across all categories. Jumia presents the best quality deals at the best prices guaranteed in this month’s Jumia Black Panther #vibraniumdeals

You may have seen gods fly, you may have seen men build weapons that you could never imagine, you may have seen aliens drop from the sky,but you have never seen anything like this!!!

From the 19th to 30th of April, let’s enter WAKANDA on Jumia. Just like the‘’Wakanda’’ Kingdom was in isolation for centuries until it was discovered as the most technologically advanced nation on the planet, so are the amazing deals on Jumia this month. There are always deals on Jumia, but #vibraniumDeals are the best of the best deals on premium quality items across all categories. With 24hour delivery time on Jumia Express orders in Accra as well as quicker delivery to other parts of the country, this campaign sale will be explosive.

Black Panther’s secret weapon, found in the lining of his suit comes from the fictional rare metal known as vibranium. This rare but super important metal had the property of absorbing all vibrational energy and, presumably, does something extraordinary with it. Can you imagine having ‘’ Vibranium flash Deals ’’ ? Mind-blowing but rare deals that appear at special times on the website. Deals that have special properties like vibranium. Yes! That is exactly what is going to happen during #JumiaVibraniumDeals. Aside this, there will also be a dedicated day for African fashion. You can get all your colourful African print clothing and accessories at very discounted prices of up to 40% off. On that day, shop for your African made skirts, shirts, shorts, shoes, bags and other accessories and step insto Wakanda feeling like T’Challa.

What’s more, social media will be buzzing with a dedicated contest titled the ‘’Wakanda Dance Challenge’’. An opportunity to have fun while you shop and win fantastic prizes. How better can it get for you? All you have to do is upload a video of yourself doing the wakanda dance using the Wakanda song and tag @JumiaGhana in the post. Be creative,innovative and stylish.The post with the most likes at the end of the campaign wins. You may be walking away with the mouth watering prize of a fully expense paid weekend trip to a ‘’Wakanda’’ resort on Jumia Travel. Imagine a ride through the safari , an expenditure in the jungle, good food and many fun activities all packaged in one. You shouldn’t miss this massive opportunity, get involved. This contest will run on facebook,twitter and instagram.

Walk into the world of superheroes this month as Jumia Ghana takes you on a rollercoaster of amazing deals tailored to meet your budget. If Wakanda was mineral rich, Jumia is deals rich! Enjoy the best discounts on best quality products and many exciting contests. It’s a win/win for you. Visit now to experience the goodness of Wakanda.


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