Soorebia Fuses Traditional Instrument Into New Hip Hop Hit – ‘2 Strings’ ft. Akan


“I have the skin now and I want the stool too”. This line in his new single titled “2 strings” summarizes Soorebia’s rising music career up to this point.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Okomfour Kwadee, Atongo Zimba and King Ayisoba, Soorebia started rapping in the Gurune (Frafra) language spoken by the people of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.

It was something he did, just for the fun of it but when rapper Ayigbe Edem, hit the limelight with rap in his own native Ewe dialect, Soorebia knew then, that he could also put Frafra rap on the music map.

Hit after hit, he captured the hearts of many in his home region (the Upper East) and became a household name when people talked about Music in Frafra.

And when he moved to Tamale in the Northern Region to school at the University for Development Studies, he collaborated with artistes there and gradually earned a name in the music industry there too. He became a representative for his region, anytime shows were put up in the Northern Region.

Real name, Martin Soore, Soorebia believes he is now mature enough to go national and that is why he is currently promoting his music in the capital, Accra.

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This new single, titled; “2 strings” features rapper Akan and is a composition that captures everything that has inspired Soorebia up to this point.

The title of the single emanates from the Kolgo – the musical instrument with which Atongo Zimba and King Ayisoba are known to perform. The traditional instrument which emanated from the Upper East Region, looks like a guitar but has only two strings.

Soorebia makes the Kolgo a lead instrument in this new hip-hop single. That is to say; imagine Ayisoba or Atongo Zimba playing the instrument and Soorebia rapping to it. But that’s not all.

He shows respect to his mentors, and may just have proven why he is the next big thing in Ghana Music with how he approaches the rap in this particular song. And then, Helebaba hitmaker, Akan puts the icing on the cake. The song is nothing short of incredible and Ghanaians are sure to be thrilled by it.

2 strings is produced Azkonna Beatz, also a young sound engineer from Bolgatanga, who works with Soorebia.

Listen and download 2 strings.

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