Fashion Friday: The man who began a cap business after twitter trolled his ‘big head


A simple, harmless Twitter shout out for Michael White on his birthday started something sinister: a firestorm of social media trolls. But then a great idea was born later on.

Michael’s CEOTM collection of quality caps started shortly after his big head became the most popular topic.

Currently, the first reply to the tweet — which read “Truly the head of the company’ — has clocked over 5.3 million impressions.


– Over 5.3 million people have seen the post


And it is easy to see why. Fact is, sitting majestically on Michael’s shoulders is a heavy head.

I mean if you see Michael’s photo for the first time, you would think the image has been photoshopped – like enlarged by a software and placed on his not-too-broad shoulders. But it is all natural.






“I was not too bothered about it. I have always been teased from Primary to Botwe [Mfanstsipim Senior High School] to Tech [Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology]

“So it’s really nothing new. This one just made me surprised how just a “big head” can catch so much fire,” he tells

Some of the tweets were so funny, Michael said he had to laugh out loud at a couple of them.

But after the firestorm, a fashion idea was born.

“When I got to work some of my colleagues were talking about it trending in Nigeria and South Africa…there it hit me that I need to do something with this opportunity,” Michael said.

And he did, although his Narrow Road Records — an Accra-based record label — is not doing badly.


CEO polo caps are made from high-quality cotton fabrics and suede-embroidered with a silhouette of the ‘majestic head’.

“The orders have started coming in,” Michael says, revealing he has gotten support from some Ghanaian celebrities who have mentioned his brand on social media.


Michael hopes that anytime you buy a CEOTM polo cap, you will be sharing in a typical story of building a monument with the stones thrown at you.

“I want to use my story to encourage young entrepreneurs to make good of life’s ups and downs,” Michael counsels.



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