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Dr. Agarwal’s Hospital Holds Free Eye Screening



Glaucoma is one of the most challenging eye diseases for both doctors and patients in most parts of the world including Ghana.

Glaucoma is known as the leading cause of irreversible blindness against which an immediate action is imperative and has no symptoms at the initial stages.

According to the Glaucoma Association of Ghana (GAG) over 700,000 Ghanaians were affected. And out of this number, 250,000 people were not aware they had the disease, while 60,000 of them were already blind.

It is against this background that Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is organising a one-week free eye screening for the public to create awareness on Glaucoma ahead of the 2018 edition of World Glaucoma Day, this week.

The event is being done at the premises of the hospital adjacent the Tesano Police Station in Accra.

The aim of the screening is to help reduce the occurrence of the disease among Ghanaians through vigorous awareness.

Dr. Asiwome Kwesi Seneadza, the Medical Director of Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital said, over 60 million people were affected worldwide with glaucoma in 2010 and currently 7.7% of Ghana’s population is affected with age range between 30 to 50 years.

He further stated that there are many factors known to have caused Glaucoma but pressure in the eye has been the leading cause.

Adding that some Glaucoma patients require multiple eye drops to be able to maintain their pressure which costs between GHC75 to over GHC 500 a month, which is not easily affordable to the average Ghanaian.

Therefore, he is appealing to the Government to reduce tax imposed on Glaucoma drugs to enable the average Ghanaian suffering from Glaucoma to purchase the drugs.

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